Mountain State Dirty Double Rules

Rules to know:
~ GC (overall) scoring is based on your total time of both days! Lowest Time wins.

~ Riders must complete each day's stage on the same bike they started the day on. However you can use a different bike on day 1 verses day 2.

~ No outside support is allowed. Carry what you need or what you need pick up at the aid station. Any outside source of feeding besides this will result in a disqualification. AGAIN, no external support.

~ Limited SAG will be available and a sweep will be made available.

~ If a rider fails to finish day 1, he/she can start day two, but will not be eligible for overall awards.

~ The course and all roads are open to traffic. ALL racers MUST obey all rules of the road along the course, at intersections and road crossings. Racers should yield to all traffic, horses, and should stop at all road crossings where traffic is present. There will be several highway and road crossings with heavy car and truck traffic. There may be an area of the course where the racers will share the road with car and truck traffic. Please keep to the right and ride single file except where passing.

~ Do not underestimate the unforgiving nature of the forest. This area is remote and you are likely to encounter bugs, snakes, deer, alligator, dogs, and other wildlife. Cell phone overage is extremely limited.

~ Absolutely no littering on the course. Littering on course will result in disqualification.

~ Duo Class scoring: Time based on the second finisher of the Duo Team. Team members MUST finish together. Team members finishing more then 1 minute apart will be disqualifed.